"Work done to improve the look and feel of my teeth. Several fillings replaced and a crown. Really happy with the result."

"After problems with a bridge that fell out a couple times, options were explained and decided on an implant. Information before and during the treatments was very good, with everything being fully explained. The treatments were no problem and the result very good. Very pleased with the outcome."

"I feel very confident going forward, everything was explained to me and the process went very well."

"As soon as I walked through the door, I was made to feel welcome. Both Claire and Serena were wonderful, they took the time to ask me questions about myself and not just about my teeth which was really nice. Iwas made to feel like at the end of the treatment that I will be happer and feel more confident which is what I want."

"I've received in chair whitening, cosmetic fillings, Invisalign and a fixed retainer. After all treatment was completed, I was very very happy with the results and the whole experience was enjoyable and of a professional standard. Also the afteracrewas excellent. Would highly recommend."

"Prior to the treamtne, my teeth were very worn and missing some with poor dentures. Now very good and fantastic improvement."

"Thank you for the way in which my course of Invisalign treatment was done with care and consideration in a friendly manner. I am delighted with the results, which has helped me with my confidence."